Joseph Louis Lambot

Joseph Louis Lambot

Maison Lambot is the birthplace of the famous french inventor Joseph Louis Lambot (22 May 1814 –  2 August 1887).

Joseph Louis Lambot invented ferro-cement, which led to the development of reinforced concrete.

In 1841 Lambot moved from Maison Lambot to Chateau Miraval, a few kilometres down the road in Le Val.  (Chateau Miraval was more recently owned by Hollywood power couple Brangelina). It is around that time in the early 1840s that Lambot started constructing water tanks and troughs using cement mortar (masonry) and iron reinforcement, most likely in the form of iron rods, chicken wire and possibly barrel bands that had become widely available with the arrival of the machine age.

In 1848 Lambot constructed his first boat using the same system, which he tested on ponds on the estate. This boat was patented on 30 January 1855 and presented at the 1855 World’s Fair (Exposition Universelle) in Paris.  The original prototype is preserved at the Museum of Brignoles a free kilometres south of Maison Lambot.

Lambot’s boat sank, and was preserved in anaerobic mud at the bottom of the lake.  The boat was recovered more than a hundred years later.